Tag: Rust

Banking / ATM update 💰

Accessing your Scrap and making withdrawals or deposits is now possible in any vending machine, no longer limited to NPC-ran shops.

Go out there and get rich, filthy rich!! 🤑

New UI and Calendar added! 📅

The new UI consist of two parts, one in the top-right, and the other in the bottom-right; at the healthbars.

This is the top-part, basically shortcuts to the Calendar, Remove, Skill Tree, etc. so you don’t need to type, bind or remember so many commands:

And here the bottom part, neatly integrating with the default UI; with the >> button it can be collapsed too, if you prefer a neater UI look!

And last but certainly not least, the calendar! 📆

Building skins have been implemented! 🏢🏫🏦

That’s right, we can now paint our structures to look like Adobe and Shipping Container, check here for a demo!

There’s a new command for this mod, which can be found in the /info panel 😊