Dancing is a thing now, you can make your character dance by typing /dance and choosing 1, 2 or 3 and then pressing F3, by default, to go into third person so you can see the moves! 🕺

I’ve implemented a random Weather plugin, which goes far into making the weather feel more immersive and believable. 🌦

Killing Alpha animals now gives you Economics valuta, which is shown on your HUD, unfortunately there is no greater purpose implemented yet, more to come! 😅

XPerience now has the Electrician skill, all sources of electricity now give more power after investing in this skill! 🔌

Implemented multiple scientists in areas you wouldn’t normally expect to see them, such as at the Junkyard, Dome, Gas stations and other monuments for a bit more of a challenge.

Backpacks have grown, we’ve gone from 18 to 24 slots 🎒

Planter crops no longer wither away shortly after fully grown, instead they’ll stay fully grown until harvested! 🌱

Snowmobile will no longer suffer a great speed penalty on terrain other than sand and snow, so it’s now usable everywhere!

I’ve implemented Save notifications, to let you know when the server is performing a save, and to expect lag! 💻

To make it more useful I’ve increased the ATM interest to 10% whilst lowering the withdrawal percentage to 2% 🤑