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Microhabit.at has got a new look!

One of our players, M!sta, has been kind enough to take it upon himself to create 🎨 a new look for our server and website.

From here on out this beautiful art piece will be ours to show off!
Huge thanks to M!sta for offering his great abilities to us. 💖

And M!sta didn’t forget about our logo:

Thank you very much M!sta! 😃

Server upgrade! 💻

The server has had a small but impactful upgrade, from an i5-4460T to an i5-4690

This makes everything a lot more zippy, from startup and restarting the dedicated server instances, to minimizing loading times, preventing asset pop-in, and minimizing stutter whilst saving!

Enjoy! 😎

Donations button added! 💰

A donations button has been requested, and now been added to the site.

Don’t feel forced to use it, bad about not using it, or anything like that; but all donations are welcome, and will be going to maintaining the different dedicated servers I run, the hardware it’s running on, and the electricity all of that costs! 🤑