Besides new hardware, our server has had a few extra additions and changes.

  • Base upkeep has been significantly lowered (this might change back in the future as the server population grows)
  • Certain items have increased stack sizes (Ammo, scrap, medical syringes and more)
  • Crates 📦 will now float if they land in deep waters
  • Non-Electric lighting 🕯 goes on automatically at night. No need for fuel! 🔥
  • You can now invite people to your team remotely (/inviteplayername‘)
  • The world has more to offer! Now you can loot more containers such as garbage bags, cash registers and more
  • The NPCs have multiplied 🐇 and had a wardrobe change 👚. More NPCs have been added to monuments and some even patrol the roads! 💀
  • A special version of ChatGPT has been added. Ask her questions ❔ and she will answer!

Please refer to the /info panel in game to see the different commands!