Simply bring a car to a powered car lift, drag a turret from your inventory to the car slot you’d like to equip it on, put a gun and ammo on the turret, and don’t forget to flick the switch to On 😎

Some specifications:

  • Limited to 1 turret per car
  • Can be deployed on any car module except the Engine and Storage modules
  • Turret can be removed with the Building Hammer and the Remover tool
  • Turrets will be locked along with the self-deploy-able codelock
  • Turret will remain active even when the engine is not running, though can be turned off manually
  • Turret will target both NPC’s and animals, but not players
  • Turrets can be rotated
  • If you move the car module with the turret, the turret will move along with it
  • Removing a car module with turret will add a turret to your inventory